We got you the latest anime series that just recently started so you can find a new favorite show to watch. We also got you covered with the up-coming anime shows to watch out for.

Latest Anime Series

Love Tyrant

Guri is the owner of the Kiss Note that has the power to make two pairs end as a couple if she writes their name on the notebook and they kissed. She accidentally wrote Aino Seiji’s name and persuaded him to give Hiyama Akane a kiss. If not, Guri will die. However, things become more complicated as Guri realizes that she’s falling in love with Aino Seiji.

(Air Date: April 6, 2017)

Idol Time PriPara

Follow the story of the main characters as they chase their dreams of becoming an idol at PriPara idol theme park. Various auditions are made each day to see who among the participants will be the next stars.

(Air Date: April 4, 2017)


Set in Kawagoe, third year high school students Akane who is a track member and Kotarō who loves reading books became classmates and gradually grew closer together. Aside from their different interests, various characters in the series play a part in hindering their budding love story.

(Air Date: April 6, 2017)

Hinako Note

Hinako moved to Tokyo to enter high school. She planned on joining the theater club as a way of enhancing her speech, letting her to speak better and freely. It turned out that the apartment where she will be staying is a store that sells secondhand books. What’s more surprising is that there’s a girl who lives in the place who eats books.

(Air Date: April 7, 2017)

Up Coming Anime Series

Nana Maru San Batsu

Book lover Shiki Koshiyama is a first-year student who was invited to join a Quiz Study Group at their school. His classmate Mari Fukami is experienced in competing on quiz contests. She encouraged him to join the said club.

(Air Date: July 2017)

Shōkoku no Altair

The lead character of this anime series is Mahmut. He is a Pasha or a military leader. The young leader is part of the council of Türkiye Stratocracy. The nation is divided and Mahmut does his best to keep the peace, although it wouldn’t be easy.

(Air Date: July 2017)

Welcome to the Ballroom

Tatara Fujita is an average high school student who wants to excel on something, which seemed to be difficult for him. He was bullied and asked for cash by other students. A chance encounter with Kaname Sengoku, a ballroom dancer, didn’t only help him pushed the bullies away, but he also opened the eyes of Tatara Fujita into the world of dancing.

(Air Date: July 2017)

Hajimete no Gal

Junichi "Jun" Hashiba is a high school student who is pressured by his friends for not having a girlfriend. Because of this, he ended up confessing his love to Yukana Yame, which unbelievably worked. He didn’t expect that he was in for a lot of surprising things that were new to him.

(Air Date: July 2017)

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