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Follow the life of Gintoki Sakata who is a freelancer doing various jobs in Edo. It is set in a world that was conquered by alien. Gintoki and his friends Kagura and Shinpachi Shimura try to survive at this period. Their biggest problems on the other hand are not the aliens, but their apartment rental as they were always short of money.

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Wake Up, Girls!

This story revolves around the creation of an idol girl group to save Green Leaves Entertainment. The production company was in the verge of closing as it no longer had any talent. This started to air in Japan in 2014. A new series called Wake Up, Girls! Shin Shō is expected to be released this year.

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Attack on Titan

Titans are giant humanoids who eat humans and nearly wiped everyone. Those who survived lived within giant walls for years, until a wall was smashed for some reason, making the titans get in and forced the scared people to leave their homes. One of the main characters ended up having the ability to transform into a Titan, helping the military save people.

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This was based on the manga of the same name. It had 366 episodes and it focused on the life of Ichigo Kurosaki who became a Death God or a Soul Reaper. He, however, didn’t use his powers in evil ways. Instead, he helped departed souls to be where they should be in the afterlife, while protecting the living from the evil spirits.

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My Bride is a Mermaid

Nagasumi Michishio almost drowned but he was saved by a beautiful mermaid, Sun Seto. However, the mermaids have the law that if a mermaid was seen by a human, one of them should die. Sun’s family wanted to save her and Nagasumi, so they proposed that the two should be married instead.

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Fushigi Yûgi

Miaka and her friend Yui found themselves being transported to the world in the book called The Universe of the Four Gods. While Yui immediately came back to the real world, Miaka suddenly became the Priestess of Suzaku. She needs to find the 7 celestial warriors in order to get 3 wishes from Suzaku and find her way home. However, she eventually fell in love with one of the celestial warriors named Tamahome.

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Love Hina

Keitarō Urashima made a promise to a childhood friend that they will go to Tokyo University together when they grow up. He was determined to make his promise but forgot who the girl was. He found himself being the manager of the Hinata House, which was an all-girl apartment. That’s where he met Naru that he believed was the girl that he made the promise to

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Cardcaptor Sakura

Sakura Kinomoto accidentally released the Clow Cards, which are magical cards. She needed to capture them and through the process she was able to control those she captured. Syaoran Li was the descendant of the original owner of the Clow Cards and wanted to capture them himself. The two eventually fell in love and Syaoran helped Sakura in capturing the said cards.

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