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Live-Action Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Coming Soon

The live-action movie adaptation of the Japanese manga turned anime TV series Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is set to be released soon.

You probably have seen the trailer, but if you are one of the avid fans of the series, you too may be wondering if the film will show The Sutando or The Stand, which is the main character’s special power.

It wasn’t shown on the trailer, which left many fans wondering and worried if they will see it in the live action.

We might need to wait until the film is out to see how they will pull off The Stand.

The Legend of Korra Entire Season Available on Blu-Ray

Listen up The Legend of Korra fanatics! Amazon is offering the entire four seasons of the anime series in Blu-Ray at only $30!

This is a great deal considering that one season in Blu-Ray used to cost more than this price.

Don’t miss a chance of getting this copy if you love this series.

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