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Our privacy policy explains how Lucky Niki Fan Site uses and collects your information. Please read our policy carefully and continue using our website only if you agree with it. Else, refrain from its use.

Here’s our privacy policy:

1. Use of Personal Information

We will not ask for your personal information for browsing most of the pages on our site. We will only ask you for this when you sign up for an account, login to your account, or contact us so we can get back to you.

2. Use of Cookies

We require users to enable their browser cookies as we use this to gather information that will help us in monitoring our website traffic. We also use this to learn more about the browsing preference of our users and improve our site’s content.

3. Sharing of Information

We have high respect to your privacy. Rest assured that we will never sell or share your information to third party sites.

4. Update of Privacy Policy

We have the right to update or make changes to our privacy policy anytime. We don’t have to notify our users to do this. Please check our privacy page regularly to ensure that you are updated.

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